In 2019 I was asked to design & animate the visuals for Trivago’s OOH Summer Campaign, screened on Times Square in New York City, Manhattan. We’ve had the chance to play the Nasdaq Tower + Marquee and the Thomson Reuters Building in a Combo. This adds up to 12+1 synced Screens and a total viewable area of 17771 sq. ft. (1651 m2).

It was a big challenge for the design to perform to the special needs a place like the Times Square demands. Surrounded by distraction, the usual viewer likely has an average attention span of two seconds. The message had to be simple and the logo has to be persistent all the time, from every angle. Bold designs and synced animation connects the visuals which are simultaneously played on two buildings who are more than two hundred feet away from each other.

The video showcases the work I did and some of the location facts.
Big thanks to Trivago for this opportunity.

OOH Times Square

Showcase Video

Client: trivago N.V.
Concept: Bastian J. Schiffer, Thomas Gugel
Design & Animation Thomas Gugel

Concept, Art-Direction, Animation, Producer

Design & Animation: Thomas Gugel
Music: Sro

Three-seconds is the portfolio of Award winning Digital Artist & Motion Designer Thomas Gugel. He is currently working as a Freelancer with a studio in Cologne, Germany. Available worldwide.