GiraOne Highlights

In September 2022, Gira presented their brand-new smart home system GiraOne at the Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. In addition to the many technical details showcased live on site, we were asked in advance to visualise some of the highlights of the new system in an accompanying, emotionally appealing film to support the presentation with an overview of the main areas the system is able to cover.

Thanks to the great support from Gira to go along with the abstract narrative and visualisation approach, we are very pleased to finally be able to present the results to a broader audience online.

The film showcased here is an HD adaptation of the film, which was initially produced in a 9:16 resolution.

The challenge

In the first concept sessions, we invested some time in understanding the central functions of the GiraOne system and combining them into a cohesive narrative. From the start, it was clear the result is intended to pick up visitors emotionally, less to be a commonly known product explainer. The goal was to identify the very different areas of functionality and translate them into an appealing visualisation. Furthermore taking into account the Gira design world and being aware of the simple but no less beautiful language of form they use in their product line.

The solution

Similar to the way the GiraOne system itself works, we needed a central element that would hold together and connect the visualisation and storytelling. Initial inspiration came from the field of architecture, which contributed a lot to the basic material and lighting mood. Combined with the very simple design language of the Gira switches, it already provided a more precise picture of our idea.

We dived deeper into the smart home system. We understood it as an adaptable, almost moving structure. This raised the idea of showing the highlights in rooms that only build up as soon as they are started – for example, by pressing a switch or triggered by an automatism. The idea of the “box in a box in a box” helped us to create such spaces.

Always focusing on the product led us to the solution of developing a narrative through the individual highlights. A full day of GiraOne. Over an entire day-night period, we show the system as a daily companion that is intended to make your life easier, save energy and offer security – both during the day and at night, even when you’re not at home.

The Gira Project Assistant

The film produced especially for the trade fair also included an additional visualisation of the Gira Project Assistant (GPA). This free tool can be used to prepare your own smart home project and then easily transfer it to the GiraOne devices later on the building site.

Further information can be found here: GiraOne System

The product

“The sophisticated, high-performance GiraOne product range includes coordinated actuators, sensors, servers and operating elements for smart control of light, shading, room temperature, music and security installations. […] GiraOne is also based on the globally proven and certified KNX smart home standard.”


Client: Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG
Agency: Feedmee Design GmbH
Producer: Laura Giersdorf
Creative Direction: Anton Riedel
Art Direction: Thomas Gugel
Design & Animation: Thomas Gugel, Jonas Porschen
Music: Loy Wesselburg

Story & Concept, Design & Layout, Modelling, Lighting, Animation, 3D, Compositing

Winner Art Directors Club 2023, Bronze Nail
Winner Art Directors Club of Europe 2023, Shortlist

Three-seconds is the portfolio of Award winning Digital Artist & Motion Designer Thomas Gugel. He is currently working as a Freelancer with a studio in Cologne, Germany. Available worldwide.