The Project

TOGGO Hypezeit is a new weekly Youtube news show on topics from the world of influencers, pop culture and social media – selected, edited and categorised by Jonas.

The German broadcast channel Super RTL asked us to develop a design concept and the design language for the entire show, as well as to assist with the interior design and lighting of the living-room/studio set. In addition to the basic graphic elements and definitions, the initial request was for the usual on-air packaging tools, supplemented by some YouTube-specific requirements. As part of the ideation process, further elements were developed which we worked with the client to expand into a modular set of production assets to give the show a unique and recognisable voice.

Concept and the visual language was developed in collaboration with Designer Eugen Laitenberger.

The challenge

A format like Hypezeit strongly lives through the host, Jonas. He brings a bundle of liveliness, warmth and authenticity to the show. The design should not mask this by appearing overproduced. The handmade, fast and trashy style is especially important for YouTube. Not only to be able to produce the series on a daily basis and always up to date. Whether a format is accepted by the target group can depend on this. Also because the viewing habits of the younger target group have changed in recent years (increasingly due to the corona phase). Towards an expectation that the look must appear adult and modern.

The Solution

The research phase had already led us in some interesting design directions right from the start. However, the strongest idea developed from the definition and our individual idea of how a hype is created. The randomness. The unpredictability. The speed and the change of direction in which a hype moves. This is exactly what we wanted to translate into the design. Every single post in time, sometimes with an overwhelming number of views, sometimes with fewer appearing and then disappearing into thin air again. To stay within this context: the show is like a cross-section through time and presents the current hype, the latest news, influencers, challenges and trends.

The first animation-tests were pretty satisfying already. In addition to a fresh colour palette and a toolset of pixel graphics, odd shapes and a custom emoji set, it all adds up to a wonderfully unique design language that is super fun to play with and combine wildly – which is not only allowed, but in fact encouraged!

Many thanks to the client and everyone involved for going along this fun path with us.

Client: SUPER RTL Fernsehen GmbH
Creative Direction (Client): Ulrich Höppner, Alexandra Frost
Production: Arne Fleckenstein, Lucie Benz
Creative Direction & Design: Thomas Gugel, Eugen Laitenberger
Animation: Thomas Gugel


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