WDR – Zwei für 300

A short, nice and fluffy TV show opener for a WDR travel-magazine. Sabine Dully created some nice Styleframes. My job was to connect the different stages with some 2D and 3D animation. Some hand drawn animation complement the look to get a flowing start into the show.

Agency: Feedmee Design GmbH
Client: WDR
Concept/Design: Sabine Dully
Animation: Thomas Gugel
Co-Animation: Sascha Lutovina (Tamina & Uwe silhouettes)
Drawings: Sascha Lutovina
Producing: Tina Haffke

Music: Buddy – Bensound.com

2D/3D Animation


“For a two days trip Tamina Kallert and her camera operator Uwe Irnsinger have to run on a limited budget of 300 Euro to explore cities like Mailand, Copenhagen or Maastricht to get some totally new insights.”Quelle: WDR.de


Three-seconds, Köln 2015