OnAir Redesign

“German Broadcaster VOX presents itself in a rebranded outfit: since Mid-Sept. 2013 the OnAir, OffAir and Online design convinces with a more graphic and more structured overall appearance. The well-established red ball remains as the key visual and as the most important Corporate Identity Element of the channel.

In cooperation with VOX, we developed and produced the new “Promotion-Flow” as well as the whole Promotion-Design-Package, which included: Development of the Promo-Screen Insert, Backgrounds, the Logo-ID and Logo-Loop, the Commercial-Break Insert and the new Look of the VOX-Logo-Sphere.

Developed Tools and Inserts:

Promo-Screen Inserts, Backgrounds, Logo-ID and Logo-Loop, Commercial Break Insert, the new Look of the VOX-Logo-Sphere and a Toolkit providing a quick promotion production process

Client: VOX Television GmbH
Agency: Feedmee Design GmbH
Creative-Direction: Anton Riedel
Producer: Gerry Menschik
Co-Artist: Bastian Schiffer,
Christoph Grosse Hovest

Concept, Design, Animation, Compositing

Three-seconds, Köln 2013