One Decade

Interview & Concert Opener

I was asked to film an interview with the local heros from the band reload. I decided to enlarge it with a concert opener for their 10th Anniversary. It was fun directing and playing around with some different settings and styles.

The version shown below is a montage of the original cut of the opener (4:27 min), where was used another music. Due to legal issus i’m unfortunately not allowed to show it online. Despite of this, the whole production was real fun. Thanks to the kind fellows from reload.

after one decade of bandhistory: Time for recap

“Having a band is like a relationship.
Not just your girl-friend, it is more like a wife.”reload

OneDecade_Master_v42 (01567)
OneDecade_Master_v42 (01160)
OneDecade_MASTER (25747)-edit
OneDecade_MASTER (25740)-edit
OneDecade_MASTER (25988)-edit-02
OneDecade_Master_v42 (26096)-edit-01b

Band: reload
Members: Marco Schwarz, Christian Reinl, Frank Hartig, Marcus Lipperer

Music: reload – Fellows & Hypocrites

Concept, Director of Photography, Editing, Art-Direction, 3D and Motion-Graphics

Three Seconds, Mainz 2011